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About Hind Daily Group : The Hind Daily Group is most respected and diversified media. Founded in 2018 to spread good news and information, its entire ethos is underpinned by the central belief that a media is the bedrock of vibrant democracy.

Over 5 years, it has painstakingly built on this principle. Story by story. Edition by edition. Platform by platform. It has created a deep legacy of excellence, credibility, trust, and bi-partisanship. It is widely admired as the standard of journalism and pure information in the country. In a landscape marked by shrill polarities, it has only one political alignment: The Constitution of Indian.

our enterprise started out with the a small website Hind Daily. For over 4 years it was the undisputed high table of Indian content/journalism. It served up legendary content, legendary stories, legendary editors. It was famous for its meticulousness. It set the bar. Today the HD universe has expanded into a vast canvas of full fledged digital platforms, and other content service. It reaches a staggering vast area of viewers monthly and covers every discipline that impacts human affairs: from  current and economy to sports, satire, art, business, weddings, technology, science, environment, entertainment, luxury, health, sex, relationships, parenting, life. It is a multi-brand, multi-platform, multi-vertical media group. But all of its varied canvas is threaded together by one common inviolable thread: credibility & excellence.
HD Group has a rich stable of media entities: it publishes India’s best content – Hind Daily;  Hindi content – Authentic content delivered online to end user.

At a time of global ferment, media across the world is embattled and in a state of flux. But through inevitable cycles of  travail and triumph, high and low, the Hind Daily Group remains steadfast, winning admiration for holding the line and remaining a torchbearer for independent and credible journalism for the society.

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